Wednesday, December 3

United State of Pop 2014

DJ Earworm mashes up 24 of the biggest hits from the past year, and somehow creates something more listenable than any of the individual tracks.

Literary Lights

My English-teacher wife might appreciate these for our bathroom.

Wednesday, November 26

Aimee Mann also has a new xmas song

With the Both, who we'll be seeing next week at her annualish Xmas concert. This interview from Slate prompted me to look up the hilariously over-the-top lyrics to Alone Again (Naturally). Go read them, they're a hoot.

Wednesday, October 22

Elliot Smith

E.S. killed himself (probably!?) 11 years ago today. Huge loss. Chronic depression is a bitch.

Wednesday, October 15

Ricky Jay

I ran into magician/actor/raconteur Ricky Jay at an Art Spiegelman presentation on wordless comics and woodcuts. I said "Ricky Jay?" And he said, "Why, yes, " and I said "You're awesome!" He laughed and said thanks.

Living in L.A. Is alright sometimes.